Q: What are the lengths that can be ordered for the turbans?

A: Any length can be ordered as they are custom packaged.  Just click on the +/- signs to determine your length. For example, if you want 5 meters, press the + until 5 appears.  If you want two bundles of 5, press 10 meters and specify in the instructions, for two bundles of 5 meters. It is important to review your order upon checkout.  


Q: How can I correct my order is something is incorrect?

A: Email us at thetrendysingh@gmail.com right away. If your order has not been processed yet, we will correct it accordingly and provide more instructions.  Please include your order number.


Q: What is the cost per meter?

A: The cost is CAD $7.00 per meter excluding taxes & shipping.


Q: How long does shipping take for the turbans or accessories?

A: Approximate shipping times and cost are determined by Post Canada upon checkout for the turbans. The accessories are shipped for FREE and are shipped separately regardless if they are ordered with/without the turbans. Typically accessories take 3-7 weeks to ship to Canada, U.S. and the U.K.  


Q: What can I do about out of stock designs?

A: The designs are limited edition and once they are 'out of stock', no more will be printed.


Q: What is the material of the turban?

A: They are made out of high quality 100% cotton voile and is not the typical fabric found in store.  Please wash (machine/hand) in cold water before wearing it.


Q: What are the lengths the models are wearing?

A: The models' turbans are typically 5 to 6 meters.


Q: Are there any other costs related to shipping the product?

A: Please check your country's taxes and duties policies as we are not responsible for it.


Q: How do I get wholesale prices?

A: Email us at thetrendysingh@gmail.com for quantity minimums.